Consulting services

– Architectural

We all prefer a home that is safe, healthy and well-functioning; a perfect place to enjoy your life.

We at Zenith Homes work with housing for both the private and public sectors. We offer services in new production and rebuilding. Also apartments and villas for rent. We can also offer housing associations services such as building permits, contractual matters, technology and design, law, as well as the choice of contractors.

There are many claimants in a housing project. Everything from the residents to the contractor, the housing company or the municipal owner. Zenith Homes is a company that takes a holistic approach to the entire process, whether it is new or rebuilt. Our consultants ensure all needs and coordinate the entire project regardless of size. Everything from quality assurance to financial calculations and architects’ wishes.

As a customer, you can feel confident that our consultants can make the whole phase of the construction phase and therefore recommend which method is most technically and economically suited.


– Management consulting

Increasing demands are made on organizations and individuals to deliver results. How we lead and develop our employees, businesses and organizations have a major impact on the end result. By using human capital and financial resources, employees and organizations can be successful and deliver innovative and effective solutions.

Our purpose of management consulting is only for our homes that are sold to private owners. We help with the management of the house, and the deals with everything inside and outside that has to do with the complex.

An efficient public sector is dependent on a sound knowledge base. To support decision makers, we provide analyzes, evaluations and surveys of public activities. This creates the conditions for knowledge development and efficiency. Our consulting business is based on scientific methods, is independent and efficient and creates the conditions for long-term, strategic and well-founded decisions.