Mahmutlar, Mahmutlar Mahallesi, Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

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  • 3- 1+1 Flat
  • 8- Duplex First Floor Plan(boyalı)
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Yenisey  V

Smelling of the sea life

The project of the apartment building Yenisey

Yenisey is situated in Mahmutlar – a small town, which is just 10 km away from the city centre of charming district of Alanya on the southern coast of Turkey.

Our project, being only 200 meters to the sea, is located in close proximity to the market, post office and shopping centre. It is also very advantageous in terms of transportation convenience.

Built in accordance with the modern aesthetic and architectural concept, it offers you a comfortable living space with such social facilities and landscaping as outdoor car park, swimming pool and children’s playground.

In Yenisey, which is built as a single block of six-storey apartment building, there are 20 normal apartments – four per floor ( apartments 1+1), 2 duplex apartments, there are also trading areas on the ground floors.

General Features

  • Pool
  • BBQ Gazebo
  • Children’s playground
  • Car Park
  • Elevator
  • Satellite antenna center
  • Generator
  • Door intercommunication video systems
  • Flat storage
  • Fire escape
  • Granite stairs
  • Sauna
  • Fitness
  • Game room, pool table
  • Concierge Office
  • Wireless internet
  • Dublex apartments with jacuzzi and sauna
  • 1st class double glazing aluminum Windows and balcony doors shutters


Apartment Features

  • Spot in the hall and corridor lighting
  • Drywall rooms
  • Bathrooms Hilton sink and

shower stall

  • Lacquered MDF and granite kitchen


  • First-class steel door
  • Apartments and exterior paint
  • Glass balcony aluminum railing
  • Granite Floors

The price includes  the cost of furniture, textiles, white goods. Also includes costs for tapu, water and electricity abone.


Founded back at 1978 in the city of Kayseri Yaparlı Company started their jewellery business. Due to the positive management, the business was extented to one more branch 1986 in Alanya and another one 1987 in Side.

Upon the big demand of foreigners and also of our own clientel for holiday properties at the “Turkish Riviera”, Yaparlı started with the development and construction of holiday residences here in Alanya.

Yaparlı Construction had always the focus on the quality of the construction and the service they present to their clients. The increase of construction standarts was and still is the main focus of our company, secondly the serve all clients the best service possible.

The beauty of the mediterranean Coast and the big demand of foreign clients gives us the confidence to continue constructing properties designed with european specs and using just the best materials.

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